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They had a very limited ration of food. As there were many corn fields, they mostly ate corn as a staple. Due to a period of malnutrition, people started turning to hunting for rats for consumption.

Prisoners are able to talk to each other.

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xtreme things y

The most extreme thing in the camp was how desperate people were to live. And also, seeing executions, where people were hang to death in public. The most normal form of execution is by shooting.

I have made friends in North Korea. However, it is very dangerous to contact them even in North Korea. Needless to say, it is even more difficult when I'm in South Korea.

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He escaped by the river into China. With the help of some Chinese, he hid in a Chinese vessel into international waters and got saved by a Korean ship. He escaped with his friend.

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The most cherish memory: When he was in Pyongyang and attending elementary school.

The memory he wish he could forget: When he was in prison.

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At first, there weren't many people who dislike them because of the lack of outside information.

In the past, 80% of people liked Kim Il Sung.40% liked Kim Jong Il. However, as there is an influx of outside information, Mr Kang suggests that only 20% of people like Kim Jong Un.

Also, as there are many negative connotation about Kim Jong Un. eg. Building mixed saunas and karaokes for adult entertainment.