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Do you have any insights on: How come the pilots did not protect the cockpit? Why was it that the former military trained pilots were overrun by these terrorists? (I know-hard to answer, but it seems that all 4 of the flights had their cockpit overrun. Statistics alone would make me think that one or more would have been able to stand up to the attackers). Thanks and I’m sorry for your very significant loss. We all lost an amazing amount 20 years ago.

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How come none of your answers point to the same revelations that the Architects and engineers conclusions nor include evidence from the Lawyers committee for 9/11 truth ?



Both have been able to use (obvious) evidence from the attack to bring doubt upon the “official story” that the collapse of each tower was caused by an airplane or by the collapsing building.

Please let us know that you have reviewed these expert materials and have legitimate responses to their questions.

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