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As a lifeguard this is a huge factor in why we seriously limit rough housing and dangerous 'fun' things in and around the pool. All it takes is one slip around the edge or the shallow end and things can change. This also goes for open water. Cliff diving is a huge cause of spinal injuries and death asking the water. Be careful!

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I was totally one if the 30 year olds versions of the blue hairs seeking yarn. .... Always seeking yarn

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I would still apply, I'm under the impression that you qualify for EI if you left your job willingly to relocate with your spouse/partner. My friend has the exact same scenario, his husband got a job and he followed him from BC to Ontario and he qualified for EI. At this point I believe you can begin your ei application since cerb doesnt start until April 6th.. Canada.ca has some good information.

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Haha that's AMAZING! although I don't knit... I crochet. I'm a Hooker.... Completely different.