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Are there or may there be any ways to invest in Egosoft?

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Any thoughts about making hacking more risky? For example, make masstraffic/police come after you sometimes when you try it in your ship (where it might not be called "hacking"). On stations, make some NPCs patrol hackable consoles and drop your rep when you do it near them, at least (can use existing assets for this also). See https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=418747.

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Would you please consider having an extremely high-level interface with a planet as a very simple "resource sink", with some station very low in orbit (like in X:R) operating as the "interface point"? This was one of top-voted requests in a recent reddit survey. As a bonus, it would add more vertical movement to the map, as many have complained about it feeling too 2D.
Longer-term, maybe you could use the cool “planet editing” code shown in your promo videos to link resources sold to the “planet station” with changes to a planet. E.g., gradual terraforming (like changes in ocean levels) or construction/restoration of huge structures (like a torus? 😊). This is probably much harder than the station itself, but it could be a cool hub-like project.

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Could you switch to Text to Speech for this? That technology is incredibly good now, as you may know. It could probably be made to sound very similar!

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So true! This team is amazing.