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Honestly, I wish they would make the IRS cool. Increase funding and cut in the investigators on % of recovered taxes over 1mil.

They should be the most competitive agency to join, as it would have the potential be classed as elite. Patriotic, profitable, intelligent, detail oriented, and courage to collect on the richest, most powerful people.

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Terrorism by its very definition is the spread of an ideology through use for fear tactics. If we change what defines us as Americans: Love of life, liberty, and each other, merely to feel "safer", then the terrorist have already won.

It is our very way of life that is what makes America great. There will never be another airplane hijacking because we have all seen the effects. As a collective, we would all rather take down the plane than to see another 9/11.

If elected, I will run the country as a representative of my fellow Americans and will not take the easy way, swayed by the short-sighted. I will take the just path, the tough path, towards a brighter future!

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She explicitly stated risk is on a spectrum and recommended home birth in conjunction docs and hospital.

Blindly pointing to data without context to imply support for your binary conclusion is just dishonest.

Yes, of course having a full medical team on standby will lead to better survival rate, but home birth is not claiming to be physically safer, instead intended for the intangibles like emotional security of being in a comfortable environment leading to smoother childbirth. How the physical to mental stresses is balanced depends on the individual and should be discussed as part of the larger birthing plan.

Even something as basic as birthing position can lean towards medical or mental advantages. On the back in a bed is easier for doctors to assist and monitor, but it is not actually the natural birth position (the tailbone is in the way). The natural position is a squat and water births were much more common to catch the baby.

Or having a midwife/doula is a wasted cost on paper, but having someone that the mother can count on to advocate on her behalf while she is busy giving birth, is a huge burden lifted.

So please stop using a single data point to support an overly broad premise. It's not either/or, but utilizing all resources to maximize the odds for the best results for everyone involved.

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"solution" is hardly fair.

It's like complaining the guy who started the "free hug" campaigns isn't doing enough to cure depression.

Her and her site is only offering one type of support and recognizing a broader societal problem. She is answering questions to the best of her ability, it's the audience that is projecting these claims and expectations on her.

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Flashpoint was a fantastic, yet sadly underrated Canadian police drama.