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We feed the dogs 4health dry dog food and milkbones regularly along with little treats sometimes. Yes they all get along fine :) They're all puppies still. They do get a little out of control but other than they're golden. We have a house with a big yard. If that's not what you meant then maybe you could be more specific?..Housing hasn't cost us anything, but there may be some expenses later for the yard being put back together lol. Since it was our second time doing this getting to know the dogs was pretty easy, they're all really sweet and just want attention, food, and playtime. Honestly, it's been such a handful with these guys that releasing them will be a relief lol Yes sad such cuties are leaving but they're a constant responsibility. Plus the owners will be so so so happy to see their babies anyway.

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No I'm not doing trying to toot my own horn. I'm honestly bored right now so I figured why not. It's a great program anyway, so if this were to maybe blow up (lol it won't) then it gives the site more publicity and more people to help out service men and women.

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About two years ago my mom found out about it while watching something on facebook so she went on their and we watched two other dogs for about 5 months while the guy was stationed. So 5 months is the longest so far. All these dogs are supposed to stay with us for about 9 months but could be a bit longer especially for the great dane. The first time we did it it was kind of sad but it's nice to give healthy pups back to their hardworking owner. We still send them gifts for holidays and want to visit them again. We had a good experience so we're doing it again.

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Im not sure if there are any legal qualifications but obviously you have to commit to the animal, terms and agreement etc. Yes! you can have a dog already. I have two rabbits as my own. They have profiles so you can see if they're dog gets along with others and other stuff like that.

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No you do not get paid, its volunteer work and you're not allowed to ask for money. However, yes you can get reimbursed for expenses such as food, vet bills etc. You can work it out with the owners. Batman's mommy supplied us with food but we went through it all already so we bought more and we keep receipts.