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My most vivid memory of a crying kid will never leave my memory. A little girl was crying there with her mom from some of the other monsters. I took off my gloves and showed her my wedding ring. I explained to her that I was married and had a wife. I told her I was a teacher and that I was just playing a game of dress-up. She thought that was so funny, and they were able to exit without any more incidents.

Edit: I said I was married and was a husband. Redundant. Whoops.

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We had what we called "yellow cards" -- This entailed people urinating themselves. It was easy to tell tell the difference between a teenage scream about it, and a genuine person who started crying and had to hide in the corner until they figured out how to take care of it.

We also had brown cards...

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Hit me? Yes. End my life? No.

I was punched twice in the season that I did it. What's funny is that I was a police officer as my character. I would "break character" and escort them over to the Gurnee Police Department cops that were there. Assault is assault. If you punch a person in the park, you are arrested and banned from any six flags park for life.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. If someone came up to you on the street and punched you because you gave them the creeps, they should be charged as such. If you can't handle yourself at a family park, you don't belong there.

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It let her know that I was a regular person. It wasn't so much the fact that I was married or not, as much as she could see a tangible thing that helped shed the thought of a zombie.