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It actually helps judge fairly. Penn Jillete talks about when he went on a cooking show and one of the tricks used to "win" was to load the dish with oil, salt, sugar. It gives it a rich flavor right off the bat, but as it cools it turns into garbage.

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My happiness index has increased by 2%. I believe that will keep me sustained for 3 more days. Thank you.

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My calendar's reminder is already set up.

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Former USMC Sgt here.

If you could "retire" a single Single-Voter Issue from each side, what would it be? What are we still talking about, that should be declared moot based on current law & jurisprudence.

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Executive Orders are (supposed to be) used in 2 cases: Clarify existing law (like OCSLA) and act in ABSENCE of Law. They cannot be used to CREATE Law.

This is the rub. Congress "delegated" SOME Power to the President, but not ALL Power regarding OCSLA. Pres. Obama was acting within the Law (Clarifying, using delegated Power). Pres. Trump is NOT Clarifying existing Law, nor acting in Absence of Law. His act is "technically" Creating new law, because Congress did not grant this specific ability (to remove something from protection).

This is a "nuanced" interpretation, which will likely fail.

The Executive has always had the ability to revoke previous Executive Orders, because they are NOT Law. He has these Powers because Legislation is SLOW and IMPRECISE, therefore he can react quickly, whereas normally he would have to wait for Congress to re-write Law.