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While the rubber gloves and arthritis medicine did cause it less likely to fit, there was another issue.

The prosecutors could have made OJ try on the gloves in the back room away from the jury before deciding to have him try it on in front of everyone. THEY DIDN'T. This was one of the biggest mistakes they made.

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It's not like he would tell you, we all know he's a big liar. Of course someone did him a favor, probably got enough to retire out of it as well.

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Sure he's done some good, but he's an extremely bad person that has destroyed tons of lives also. You should read up on some of the stuff he did to the people he was closest to.

Lets also not forget he took the gold metals, money, and fame from people that deserved it more than him by cheating.

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I'm looking into starting a 7 Eleven or Circle K convenience store (both franchises). Is there anything I should be aware of that some people don't think about? I have a good understanding and have discussed with them the startup fees, royalties, my responsibilities, and all the basic stuff in the contract.

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You can have someone's MRI that shows their back looks fine and they can have pain. You can also have an MRI where their back looks totally messed up and they have no pain. But most times if there is pain, you can see some things aren't right in the MRI image.