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I feel awkward asking this, but if the system permitted, and said "here's a gun," and you could pull the trigger on that guy, would you do it? Or, to a lesser extent, if they let you push the button for the electric chair, etc? Or do you feel him serving for the rest of his life is sufficient?

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one of my favorite Dave moments

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In the US, we have at-will employment which I feel totally favors the employer and not the employee. Anyways, I heard in some other countries (in Europe), it's much harder to "get rid of" employees. Any insights here?

Anyways, it sucks to be let go.. has happened to me before. I've realized that the job you have today, may not be the job you still have tomorrow. But I still thrive to do my best at my job. That's all the control I have.

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been there! happened to me a few years ago. hopefully you land something sooner than later. I was depressed for about a year. It really hit me personally. However, I'm at a better job now. I know it sounds cliche, but things will get better!

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definitely this. even though you are actively looking for work, you file for unemployment right away, especially since I believe filing "bypasses" a week.. so you will not be compensated for the week immediately after losing your job. time totally flies when you are unemployed! but the bills NEVER go away. good luck!