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Thats strange. What kind of girl would literally walk out of a date when the guy says, "I own a ______ company". You own a company. She's an idiot.

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How, exactly, do you describe your profession on these dates?

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what an asshole thing to do.

"haha imma prank the fuckin janitor by making him think he won money because he's a fuckin janitor so that means he's poor and he really needs the money its gonna be so funny when he thinks he has the money but he doesn't actually have the money haha"

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Hi Spiwolf, here is a link to a brochure that is put out by The Rebecca Bender Initiative. They have compiled a list of red flags to help in identifying a victim. https://rebeccabender.org/store/brochures-red-flags/

This link is asking us to spend $15 just for information on how to spot possible trafficking victims.

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Toofer! Loved the way you played that character. Whats Tina Feys hair smell like?