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Thanks for your feedback. We didn't make some of the pieces intentionally noisy, we made them tactile and the noise was a side effect. For that reason we went out of our way to make some of the buttons silent (with less feedback) while others make a noise but have a satisfying tactile sensation. Our manufacturing partners thought we were crazy with how much we obsessed about wanting the "flip" switch to feel more binary, either one direction or another, giving it less of a mushy feel.

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This actually made me laugh!

We were told by a couple VC's after our crowdfunding campaign that if we had brought them the prototype before we launched they would have laughed us out of the boardroom.

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Thanks for the kind words! We thrive on knowing that people get as much use out of Fidget Cube as we do. I love the switch side as well!

As for the knock-offs, we have become hyper aware that counterfeit products are all around us. When we first hit the "launch" button on the campaign we discussed that we might have people who try to compete with us by making their own fidget toy. However, we had not entertained the thought of people actually ripping us off to the point that they did, making a 1:1 replica and even impersonating our company and brand. Now, we almost welcome new fidget toy ideas because it shows creativity versus the deceitful practices of the counterfeiters.

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Just the fact that other commenters are putting Fidget Cube in the same thought as Pogs makes me happy as I still have very fond memories of mine (I think they were sold at a garage sale without my consent). Honestly, we still get emails from people who say that Fidget Cube has changed their lives. We have even had some people in healthcare share some really moving stories that we cherish.

The waking up in the cold sweat does happen, yes, but it's mainly due to the fact that as a small business we have a lot of things we have to cover and not enough hours in the day.

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I don't know if I would qualify this as feedback but people have asked if they could suck the cube.