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At our school, we used to get pizza hut pizza, it was more expensive but worth it for some. We also used to get chic-fil-a breakfasts (at full price). All in High School.

I can honestly say that I loved all this nasty shit but I was poor as fuck. I used to get lunches from all the rich stuck-up kids who'd "get the food" because they had an account and wanted to hang out with friends in the line and then they'd throw it away. I saw SOME literally walk outside the lunch line with a tray of food and just dump it right there, and walk away with a milk carton which they'd take a sip off and throw away.

That was a gold mine for a poor underfed kid like me who wanted to save his lunch money for better things (like Pokemon).

EDIT: having an account is like having "prepay". You'd enter your student ID, if you didn't have an account, you'd pay cash. If you had an account, it'd be deducted. Parents often than not just paid for the entire week every week, no matter what the balance was so some kids would end up skipping some lunches or whatever and then having several trays of food at once during some "good" specials.

For us poor kids, picking up stuff from the salad bar was the way to go. You'd pick up some shredded cheese, some singles cheese, pickles and whatever and made your burger 10x more fantastic.

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hey man, i used to walk out that lunch room beyond fucking full, having eaten:

  • 2-3 slices of pizza
  • burger
  • several servings of fries

that's like $10 worth of food right there.

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I'd love to see a funding to resurrect the stargate series. I'd definitely pay.

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I'm guessing it's the fact that the phone records the call before you even pick up? I could see that as very useful.

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No, I knew what you meant, I guess I was just taking a trip down the memory lane.

Now that I think back on it, it was pretty bad. I used to do favors and dares for people to get their food. And on the other hand, rich kids would buy an entire lunch just for the "milk" even though milk was readily available at a cheap price. There were many WTF moments.