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And that's why they design and build scacecraft and you're reading this IAmA!

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Yeah? So? He should be free to write whatever the fuck he wants. It's fiction.

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Facebook is pretty simple to hack if they're using Wifi, especially if you have access to that network already, like in a coffee shop.

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I know people who worked 3 months OT at a time with no time to see their family, one of my co-workers missed his daughter being born

People will take advantage where they can. I think maybe unionization is an answer, but for fucks sake people have some spine.

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As someone who also learned how to run a business from scratch, the one hard thing to learn is most of the time there is no one to hold your hand and tell you how things should be done. I've found it's one the biggest pain points of starting a business. You fumble around in the dark turning knobs until you hit something that works. I already have 2 failed businesses under my belt and really hoping the third doesn't go in that direction as well.