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The day my high school students explained they didn't remember life before 9/11, because they were in preschool when it happened, was the day I realized I was old.

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In North Carolina (and, I assume, other places) they have digital voting machines that also produce a paper record, which allows hardcopy verification and record keeping.

You have to rely on voters to verify the paper record a that could be accomplished by a relatively small percent of motivated voters.

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So it's not a dark side of the profession, it's that rare members of the profession do awful things.

An important distinction, because "dark side of the profession" makes it sound like it's endemic to the profession, but then you don't support that in your response.

Excessive and unconstitutional violence is a dark side of American policing because it's a result of policies and culture that promote it.

Inhumane and squalid conditions are a dark side of factory farming because it the economic incentives that govern the industry.

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That's the point.

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If only there were some sort of organization where workers could get together and coordinate their requests to management, and they would have some protection because they all worked together.