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Yes - Fred Calef (that you replied to) a.k.a. @cirquelar actually made this map and presented it to Andy Weir when Andy visited JPL. I'm pretty sure the map you posted is derived from his work (being Keeper of the Maps)


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How do parachutes start interacting when you use more than one at a time?

I imagine it is fairly well explored in subsonic regimes, but it gets weird at supersonic speeds.

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While watching some of the animations of all the pointing NH will be doing around closest approach, some of the activities are self-evident (pointing at a body), but some are less so (doing some spins with Alice, apparently, pointing at an empty spot)

Have you thought of 'annotating' the flyby afterwards? It would be great to re-live it while knowing why what was happening was happening.

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What did you learn from the test setup last year (launching a balloon from Hawaii, balloon rigging, timing, weather-control devices..) that will make things easier this time around?

Also, how awesome is it to be working with a coupla Star 48s? That thing gives me goosebumps.

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Can you describe what it was like to realize that we would be getting this amazing encounter less than a month after MAVEN gets to Mars?

I imagine it was at least a little scary at first.

How much extra work has planning for this weekend required?