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"Girls don’t like me because I make themthink. Contrary to popular belief, girls don’t actually like it when you’re unique, or interesting, or when you ask them questions and then listen to their answers. Every single time Imeet a girl, once we get past all the “what’s-your-major-where-are-you-from” crap, and steer the conversation towards something deeper like politics, religion, sex, anal sex, etc., she unfailingly loses all interest in me"

Yea, thats not why we dont like you, creepazoid. this isnt sarcastic humor. its old floppy dead humor.

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dude this might sound lame but with your portfolio approach local event producers/crews about creating fliers for their events. i didnt expect to like your work but its very eye catching and the sizing is perfect. Hook up with rave crews, bands, you name it... get your foot in the door