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Lesson 1 of trains learned: They are always closer and faster than you think!

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I can't imagine trying it someplace like Texas, where someone on your property "stealing" something is legal justification to shoot them without further warning.

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Human testing is fairly expensive compared to other options (computer modeling, testing on rats, etc). Given that, you can assume pretty much every other means of testing a drug has been done before they begin human trials.

You'll note in this case they were looking specifically at blood pressure, meaning they did a small study first and found elevated blood pressure in some of the previous group, so this round they test a larger group and see if there's a link between the drug use and blood pressure.

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It seems to be from a 2012 comic book (the Scrooge McDuck comic is still in print).

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They're afraid people will start smuggling in illegal aliens one organ at a time.