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I used to get extreme migraines all of the time and they always started with a visual distortion at the center of my vision that would spread outwards. I always knew that when it got to the edge of my vision, I'd be hit my crippling pain that could last for hours.
I still get those distortions, from time to time, but it's been decades since they were followed by any pain. Is this at all a common evolution of symptoms?

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Huh! Thanks. The note about smell is also interesting. I've always had a poor sense of smell. I used to blame it on the fact that my father was a smoker (even though other children of smokers never seemed to have the same diminished sense of smell that I have).Since I don't smoke or drink, I guess that means that I won't have to worry much about future migraines, so good news indeed. So, if the aura isn't an inevitable trigger for the migraine, what is the association between it and them?