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I remember that by accident that I rebooked my ticket from Newark to Frankfurt for 11.09 back in 2007. I wasnt really looking at the dates just the price and needed to get back to Europe at that time anyway. I only realized like the day before to what I rebooked it to.

When I got on the plane it was super empty like I had the middle row with 4 seats to myself. Is it still as empty today ?

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I flew 3 times in September from NYC to FRA and only on that one time it was that empty. Maybe these days its less of an issue but back then it was a bit more fresh I guess.

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Check out the australian F1 driver : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC0wq9K1JFM

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He is a legend and one of the few that did not refuse the offer. Danny offered a shoey to princess of Monaco but she politely refused : )