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You're still the Jeopardy King in my eyes, Ken!!!

Are there any plans to get you back on the show at all?

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I'd bet on you versus a chimp 99 out of 100 rounds.

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If she likes root beer, she needs to try Sprecher Root Beer and Bedford's Root Beer. We have a great beer/soda store in town and I have put them up against every other rootbeer that comes through the store.

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I have worked in bars for many, many year. To this day, it still pisses me off when anyone rests their beer on the pool table. I love when you ask that they remove the beer from the pool table, 99% will respond with "I'm not gonna spill it." Just fucking do what you are asked. Thanks.

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I know it seems bouncer-ish and douchey to say, but after about a month of working at a bar, you have pretty much heard every excuse in the book surrounding people's ID, money, and interpersonal situations. It's a short book, apparently. People just have no creativity anymore.