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very expensive shoes are waterproof and I used them with waterproof trousers but when walking over 9-10 hours in the rain they still got very wet.

When I was walking in the snow then I used some high hiking boot but too high boots can make the ankle very tired. Also some hiking boots can be a bit heavy which is not the best for a very long walk.

I've done many long hikes and this is what most people don't understand about walking long miles in boots. You're totally right.

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I guess it's just funny pairing with the "fizzy yellow beer is for sissies" thing. The first time I heard about the mexican lagers I thought it was an april fool's joke (especially given Stone's past april fools jokes).

I love stone though, no hate there, just that the old branding would rail against a segment of the new product.

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What are your "not my brand, top five hot sauces" you usually re-buy? Or has being a producer made that less appealing?

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For your Escondido location are you guys ever going to do half pours? I really love half pours and I don't mind paying more per oz for them. They let me try a bunch of different stuff without getting drunk. You may have started allowing that but the last time I was there I was told they weren't doing that.