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I partially discussed this in another answer, but to summarize - Graner is probably one of the most evil people I have encountered - as close to the textbook definition of a psychopath as I have met. England is a poor, uneducated and none too bright girl who was manipulated by Graner at every level, but still had the presence of mind to know what she was doing was wrong.

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This is a great question!

If it were not for the photos, probably not much would have been done, simply for lack of credible proof. For instance, if your main victim is a person who came to Iraq to commit jihad on America, killed 4 US Army Soldiers after planting an IED, and then claimed the guards made him get in a naked pyramid, who would have believed him?

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Honestly, it was mostly mean, malicious and stupid. Boredom probably played a role as well but even the explanation didn't make sense, i,e. "Intelligence officers told us to". If that was the case, why on earth would you be taking pictures of it?

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I was working on something completely separate from looking at what soldiers were doing. But I heard rumors that weird stuff was going on, so I went over the area where the abuses were occurring. When I was there, everything seemed well in order, but I later learned that most of the incidents where at night and/or when no one in authority was around. None of the guards involved or present reported the incidents or formally complained in any manner. I was the lead investigator - assigning tasks, writing reports and later, preparing for daily reports on the status of the investigation.