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As someone who's been through Boy Scouts and is a son of a high ranking BSA Executive, I completely agree with your choice and actions. I'm truly sorry to see you forced out of something most people love. My sincere apologies for the way the BSA has stuck to their old world ethics. You would think such a big, world renowned boys club would have to be open to everyone's beliefs, but alas, It's a conservative club for mostly conservative-driven individuals (some parents and most BSA officials) .

It doesn't help things when parents see no line between gay individuals and child molesters. It's rather quite sickening to me.

I remember thinking while I was still a member that it was strange that we can accept so many different nationalities and beliefs into Boy Scouts, have separate religious ceremonies at some world events to cater to most main-stream beliefs, but not the gay community. I mean, if sex is what we're trying to protect the children from in Boy Scouts, why are there co-ed Venture crews? The amount of ignorance is astounding.

EDIT: I would have been right by your side.