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What's the realistic goal and the dream goal for you in using the exoskeleton?

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My understanding is that this isn’t correct. According to anyone of her (many) stories she shot him when he opened the door or after she’d forced it open. Either way, nothing in the apartment itself needed to be searched because of the crime.

In the alternative, the whole thing was a crime scene and they didn’t need a warrant ... the whole thing just appears to have been to search for things over and above investigating the actual crime committed here

edit because I think my point isn’t being understood. They of course needed to go in his apartment, it was a crime scene.

My understanding is that the warrant is only necessary for them to be allowed to search things not clearly visible at the scene (go into drawers etc etc). On the basis of what apparently happened, there wasn’t a need to search the apartment to where they found drugs etc. Read the warrant - they were specifically looking for drugs. That is Completely irrelevant based on any of her stories. And if they just wanted to search/investigate the crime scene, I believe a warrant wasn’t needed

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you’re commenting on something I’m not arguing, hopefully my clarification helps