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What they don't know is that for about a year I refused to change clothes/go to the bathroom/etc if our dog or cat were in the room, just in case.

Uh, I am still uneasy about changing clothes in front of my pets... god, I'm a dork.

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One thing I made sure I did while visiting America was have a cinnamon bun at Cinnabon.


You deserve a crateful of complimentary cinnamon buns.

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I admit, I'm leaping on your reply here because there are SO MANY posts, and I am crying inside that this was the one night I chose to work for an extra few hours. And I'm also one of the most appropriate redditors to be in this thread (TheEllimist is also a cool dude).

Basically: you guys are awesome. I don't know how many times I've read your SF books (yeah, all of them, although I am behind in Michael's series), and yet I keep reading them. I even keep on discussing them on the Animorphs LJ. I spent a lot of my two months in America (I'm from England) travelling to used bookstores trying to buy all of the Remnants series. I didn't even have to read them to know I would love them (and I do, I didn't start reading until I got back home with them all - because I had to periodically post them back).

I want to tell you a story, just because I need to let it out. When I first started reading Animorphs, I didn't know when it would end (so many books), so I skipped a few out. Notably, I skipped Cassie's books, because I thought she was my least favourite character. As I got older and went higher education, I started studying philosophy and ethics. During a re-read I realised why I didn't like Cassie: she reminded me too much of myself. I thought I wanted to be like Jake, all brave and strong.

Knowing how much of myself I saw in her, and how much her ethical stances shaped me as I was growing up was kind of a revelation (to be melodramatic). It effectively showed me that I had to start loving who I was and the principles I hold. And I do. :)

(After that, I also spent a crap load of money buying the books I'd missed off eBay. Hahah. I also intended to buy the re-release. My god, I'm addicted).

I know that probably is a bit deeper than you had intended for the characters, but I do love your characterisation. It's one of the best things about Animorphs, that I can sit and discuss the intricacies of these amazing characters for hours on end.


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