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honestly, traditional cloths are developed to serve the environment they are found in. i feel the full coverage was developed jsut as much out of practicality for the weather as it was for religious mandates. full coverage in a light breathable material is far better for a person than sun and wind exposure, it probably also insulates against the cold the same as a coat of fur does for animals from warm regions.

also notice that the traditional dress for men is almost, if not as much covered up.

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ive heard that wolfs have extremely low personal hygiene standards is this true?

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what you guys dont feed them Blue Wilderness?...

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i attended a public school in michigan and there were large parts of american history that was skipped or skimmed over. we never truly covered the trail of tears until high school and i would have never known about these camps myself if i hadnt found a book on them back in middle school. it makes me very upset when i think of what is and isnt covered in history books.

(on a side note, my grandmother has always regretted that she didn't learn to speak German as a child. she had an uncle who was fluent and she had wanted to learn from him but her parents forbid her out of fear that some one would over hear her using that language during or directly after the war and try to harm her. its terrible the way that war results in discrimination even among citizens. disgusting McCarthyism.)