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Hey guys, I really liked what you did in the first season with when you referenced fantasy football to things that actually happened that season (aka. Frank Gore getting hurt and everyone trying to pick up his backup)

I really enjoyed that because it's the same exact thing me and my friends did in our fantasy league (we were watching Gore go down live and we all went in a frenzy to pick up his backup just like the show) and I would like to see more of that in your show.

Will you guys go back to that same formula, or is it too difficult to film episodes like that?

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Should I be eating McDonalds?

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What's your favorite place to eat in Philly?

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22 checkouts is only there because of large events such as Black Friday or Christmas, it makes sense to have it there for that one event every year rather than find more ways logistically to get customers out of the store.

4-5 because everything is generated by a schedule created a week in advance, telling ASST managers how many employees to schedule a certain day/time in order to stay at efficiency. So they will only schedule the bare minimum because they don't want to go over on wages. When you schedule the bare minimum, if even one person calls out sick/late, the entire system is fucked and you have backing delays you cannot deal with