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I seriously hope the judges reconsidered.

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American Vandal is so incredibly good—hilarious and surprisingly cathartic. I was blown away by how complex the filming must have been—so many organic and chaotic scenes with clues carefully buried. So my question is:

What was the most difficult part of the series to film?

Edit: Is the guy who played Dylan that kinda guy, or just really good at playing that kinda guy?

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Mr. Howard - Which, in your opinion, is the best screenplay?

Also, thanks for your top notch narration work on Arrested Development.

*edited some phrasing

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Yo Spencer!

A couple years back, I built an app (“Noice”) that enabled users to trigger sounds on their friend’s phone; I somehow convinced Schrab to generously provide his voice.

Schrab mentioned you wanted to try the app, but I never heard anything after I sent the link. I’m curious to know if you and the gang tried it out, and what you thought of it.