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With your cochlear implant are you able to hear well? It's hard to imagine not having either of those senses. Do you have a guide dog or person that helps you get around? Best of luck with your studies!!

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Thank you for answering! Best of luck with getting a guide dog! I watched s great docuseries about the process the dogs go through from birth to being selected for a person and it is remarkable!

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Are you able to cremate aninals with their belongings? I work at animal hospital and owners sometimes want a blanket/clothing/toy cremated with them so we tell them we'll make a note about it, but I'm sure sure if this can actually be done!

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Oh that's really sweet. I'll think about that next time! Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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Hello and thank you for doing this! As far as mapping out how to go about your research, how did you create a schedule or way to collect what you needed?