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AMA request: Someone with either height, or weight, but not both.

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Yeah, really. How sad is it that the only time we've gone to the moon so we could prove how big our dick was?

I hope one day we mature enough as a species to seek knowledge solely for the sake of knowledge, not so we can become rich or intimidate our enemies.

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God I remember when I worked overnights at Target they would play the local country music station on the overhead, they seriously rotated through like 10 songs at most all night long. I do believe I heard She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Whiskey For My Friends Men (Beer For My Horses) and Her Favorite Color Is Chrome at least 500 times each.

Edit: Added links so y'all can enjoy my personal hell circa 2002ish. For a more accurate representation, create a Youtube playlist with these songs (add in Traveling Soldier to round it out) and just repeat it over and over for 10 hours and that's pretty much what it was like every night for a fucking year straight.

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My grandma taught me single s for sand, double s for sweet stuff. Worked well for the past 38 years :)

Now if only I could get affect/effect straightened out I'd be golden.

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Or printer ink...