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Hi Grant!! Years ago,I remember you had trouble in Myspace probing you're real Grant,which I was touched.Now social media grew huge size,Do you have same passion to connect watchers?

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Great! :D That's the reason I respect you.oh I used to be Mythbusters fan club.Many Japanese(Me too) fans affectionately call you Imahara-san :)Thank you for reply!

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Hello,Thank you for AMA!

I happens to be porchlightusa's member,although not active,but I didn't post about Hague case. (I don't know whether it's ok to call your situation as Hague case..)

I didn't know there are websites gather donation for one side of parent.It frustrates me.

Looking back,as an adult,is there any way your young parents find other way,which will not end up you moved frequently and home schooled?

Edit;I mean,Do you think,was there any way ,like government's help,to make you as a child's life easier?

Sorry about my English,I'm in japan.(where many Hague case happens)

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You're same age with my niece,who is ALL surviver!(She got it also when she was 17) yeah,her family(my sister's family) too was helped before she became 18,here in Japan we can get government help for certain "Childhood serious disease"including leukemia.I recommend you to use all help you can use.

My niece is now doing fine,(despite last year she was in ICU with a reaction of transplant)but had to get knee surgery on this March because of extensive steroid use.

To ask help is not a weakness :) Here we all know you and all who got cancer are fighter!

Also for your another comment ,"treated as PEDs patient".My niece was at first "adult patient".It was hard for her.Later she moved to pediatric hospital,it eased her stress.As I was not with her,(My sister doesn't like my lots of googling,when it comes my niece's disease) I understood how scary it was reading your comment.I don't know I can deal with it.

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Thank you for reply. I began to use non-emergency line because I’m not sure,also I afraid to bother ER too much. But also as I live alone,I cannot call someone after I lose consciousness.This is a problem.

But one time,(I speak very clearly even in pain)My lower abdomen really hurt and I didn’t know what to do.I called ob-gyn to ask assistance,He said go to hospital next morning,But I choose to call ambulance. Turned out,my ovarian cyst was ruptured.I might end up dead if I didn’t trust my instinct.

So,there are times I think “This is really not normal!”but told “Nah nothing happens “.:/ Sorry about it.

There are international frequent fliers just don’t want to go crowded time,I’ve heard.I think I’m kind of in between because I don’t want to end up found dead.