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Oh for sure - most of mine are real. Although, it’s still extremely frustrating when you put in your title and throughout your photos “this product is petite” and include exact sizes, photos with rulers to display scale, etc... and still get a 1 star saying “This is smaller than I thought.”

But there are some that I know are fake. For example, I got a 1 star unverified before my item was even delivered to the first buyer. I also had someone claim damages and try to blackmail me into wiring them money. Even when presenting this evidence, those reviews are still live.

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People attach the other products as variations. They’re usually abandoned ASINS with positive reviews.

It’s extremely frustrating... I’ve had a few private label products that I’ve sold in the past and abandoned due to slow sales or something else. Now when I click on some of those listings, they are a completely different product but still have all of my old reviews.

Even after reporting to Amazon, it takes a very long time for them to take action if they do at all.

It has admittedly started to get a bit better in the past couple months though.

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I don’t disagree with the fact that it’s much more common for sellers to fake their own reviews rather than sabotage others.

However, I have had fake negative reviews written on my products before and it is nearly impossible to get Amazon to remove them.

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Lol yes exactly this - I just responded something similar before I saw your response.

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It was fine, this guy's a dick.