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Almost 2 hours and like 50+ questions answered. Thanks for not being like some other celebrities answering 5-10 questions and then bolting with saying "buy my shit!"

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I am curious as to whether or not you believe that it is possible to be a politician that reaches any major political office (say for instance, state legislator or large city mayor as the least important office) without owing either a person, political organization or corporation some sort of favor for reaching your office. Moreover, is it ever actually possible to vote on your principles consistently without the fear of losing reelection or angering someone who helped you get where you are?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

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You fall in love with a person, not a set of genitals.

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As Richard Hammond once said "Man love is ok."

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for doing this AMA. I had a question in regards to intelligence in children as it relates to their education and socialization. Your wikipedia page states that your intelligence made it difficult to teach you as a child. You were no doubt bored. Was there anything you wish your parents had done differently to make that go smoother as a child? What about social skills? Kids who are much smarter than their peers tend to find it hard to relate or just lack interest in social skills. This makes it hard for them to make and find friends and can lead to self esteem issues in some cases. Was that the case for you? Any advice there?

I ask all these questions because my first baby is due next month. I want to be prepared to handle these types of issues should they arise. Thanks!

As an unrelated question, what do you think is the single most important thing for the US to do in order to regain prominence as a first class educator of children?