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I told Sean Spicer that he was a garbage person who wrote a garbage book. At the same Barnes and Noble.

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Wow, some of you really don’t like gay socialist Jewish hecklers.

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And if folks are interested in the topic, I was also at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn during parts of the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as part of a community response to the inhuman conditions for the incarcerated people there. I can also answer questions about that.

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Good heckling is also an indictment of the news media and pundits, because a heckler is saying something that should be said, but no one else is saying it. There was a reason that so many cable news shows and late night comedy shows played the clip of me yelling at Schultz. I said something that a lot of people agreed with, but no one was saying it out loud.

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Oh, and the strangest part of this was that apparently Tucker Carlson said something nice about my heckling on his show. I've never been complimented by a white supremacist before.