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I like this answer and completely agree. I wish more people would realise that someone who has dedicated their life to doing bad will already know this, and those that don't probably aren't ones we would worry about as they'll fall at one of the many other hurdles.

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There's nothing better than a casual mention of Michael Jackson... or so Barry White told me as our boat was sinking.

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Are you more interested in making a fun game, or a competitive game? Are there other MOBAs that you look at for ideas/inspiration?

Are any of these in the pipeline:

  • Recognition for assists
  • A death screen that lets you see what killed you and how much damage people did
  • A screen before the game so you can talk to your team and pick good nauts based on the map

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Even in moderation, nobody can eat everything.

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Thanks a lot for your reply! I play this over League of Legends part of the time because I notice at times when playing LoL I'm not actually having fun... but I haven't found that with Awesomenauts!