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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. She had surgery in August but postoperative tests showed there were still some cancer cells left so she opted for a double mastectomy which is happening in October. Honestly I'm scared shitless for her and being away for school makes anxious. I might end up taking next semester off depending on how the results are and whether she needs chemo or not.

What type of cancer were you diagnosed with? I know no cases are alike but I'd like to have a bit of a comparison anyway. Or any advice in general to give someone in a far away loved one role

androgeos3 karma

I would if I could, but this is a pretty specialized master's program and no schools (community or university) in my area offer classes that transfer. I spoke with an academic advisor and they said it wouldn't be too bad if I took a semester off since I took some extra ones in the fall.

Here's to hoping I won't have to leave at all...