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Another documentary that covers the problem with pedophile in the area is The Dancing boys of Afghanistan from PBS.

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I wanna warn you this is gonna be super-specific.

"The Audition" from Mr. Show is one of my favorite things in the entire universe. It's right up there with my mothers Sunday dinner, Venus dimples on a woman's lower back, & Lee Hazlewood's music/mustache as the things I'll miss most when I exit this moral coil.

I know it's super pedestrian to ask this but where did the idea for that sketch come from? Was there a point where you were going out on a lot of auditions & just wanted to make fun of the whole process? Was it just a weird little idea you wrote the hell out of?

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On the note of Zappa & Beefheart do you know what is going on with Gail Zappa & the Estate filling for the trademark on the name Captain Beefheart?

It seems outrageous to me in so many ways & something I can't imagine happening while Don was still alive.