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Buzz! I wish I knew more about engineering, space and hover boards to ask you a decent question, but I'm just an artsy kid with a video camera and some music making software. But I'm still inspired by what astronauts and engineers like you have achieved, so much that I recently wrote music for and filmed this video using JFK's "We Choose to go to the Moon" speech. Got a little bit of recognition from Rick Mastracchio and Cady Coleman, but would LOVE for you to see it. You asked the world on your Twitter what we can do to convince the president and masses to shoot for a Mars mission, and I wish I had the real answer to that, but maybe we can inspire them---remind them that space is the worthiest of all pursuits.


also, do you like Star Wars?

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Can you please tell me what the hell bada bing wit a pipe means ? Love that song


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That's crazy. Prior to your surgery was your lower teeth always exposed to the air?

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Way to blow off the membership sales question. I have a very local REI but I'll be ordering from backcountry from now on, because, you know... Fuck you

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I can answer this for op: they're idiots.