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What do you think about the documents leaked about the CIA trying to fake terrorists attack in Operation Northwoods to go with war with Cuba, and do you think this is what happened in 9/11?

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Don't you think the US intervention/invasion of the middle east was one of the key factors in creating ISIS, even the US is backing the rebels instead of their loved and legally elected president? every country that the US intervene in turns into a shit hole, Just like Libya was the richest country in all Africa and after the US killed Qadafi now they are back to one of the poorest and trading slaves, can't you guys mind your fucking business, and call it as it is American Terrorism, not Islamic terrorism.

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Thanks for your reply and sorry for the angry comment, I'm just tired of people pinpointing the problem to religious reasons (Islam) when it's clearly a political problem, People in the middle aren't happy about the US military invading their country and humiliating and killing their wives and kids, so they join ISIS since it's the only way they can fight back, it's as easy as that, maybe ISIS uses twisted ideas of the religion to pursue people to join but the main reason is political and if America didn't set foot in their country none of this would happen in the first place.

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How did you handle your loss in bone density when you returned to earth and how much time it took you to recover?

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Do you know that British and American forces killed way more innocent people in Afghanistan than the Taliban did? and do you really feel good about your career when you are clearly doing more harm than good (statistically) .