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Do you think McDonalds will ever take Burger King's lead and offer a veggie burger on their menu? I believe there actually would be a market for it, and maybe it would help get PETA off your back just a little.

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My husband and I were able to get $280 roundtrip (including fees; $560 for the both of us) from San Francisco to Haneda in early 2022 with that recent deal. We've wanted to go back to Japan since the day we returned from our first trip together in 2019, so thank you for helping us get such a cheap fare!

I am a bit concerned about whether Japan will be open again by the time we travel, however. Their vaccination rate is pretty poor for a country of their GDP, they have a history of vaccine hesitancy, and their infection rates are spiking. And the Olympics haven't even begun yet. I know it's really up in the air right now as to when they'll reopen, but in your professional opinion, do you think they'll be accepting foreign travelers in February/March?

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Hi Melissa! I used to volunteer for (and later worked for) a horse stable and summer camp that provided horseback riding therapy sessions for both children and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. I was wondering if you'd ever enrolled Case into a program like that. If so, how did Case feel about it and do you think it benefited him?