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Thank you for your reply.

Typically, how difficult is it to arrange an alternate guardian within the family in these cases? It seemed that we were not given the opportunity... How would one go about doing this?

You have mentioned that an alternate guardian should have no prior relevant cps history. Does "history" include being a ward of cps? For example, I currently lead a stable life with my wife. Aside from the prior history outlined in my previous post, does this exempt myself from providing care for other family members?

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I was in the foster care system for a period of under 1 year. (In Canada) Basically, in my youth, I could be a little shithead at times. Reprimands, punishments ranged from common spanking (bare handed), spankings with a round wooden stick about a half inch diameter and 18-24" long and then finally a 1/4" piece of leather.

I guess word got out this was happening.

The RCMP were dispatched to our elementary school to pick us up. Myself, my brother and sister. I was not at school that day (can't recall reasoning) . My parents caught wind that this was happening and met up with the RCMP at the school. They were then brought to the RCMP detachment with threats of arrest if they did not give me up.

I received the phone call. Basically, I was left with the option to turn myself in (I was 12 at the time) or have my parents held in a cell. After much thought, I decided that my parents had a much better chance of working this out while outside of a cell and turned myself in.

I find it interesting that you mention that it is far more difficult to have the kids return home when they are picked up. But, it does not seem that much option is given at the time. Personally, I think in this particular case, the system had overreacted. Sure, intervention would have been warranted. But, for what was going on in our household, I think the actions were over the top.

With that being said, I have had no access to my file or have the faintest clue what was in it. (Perhaps what information it had contained painted a different picture)

I understand that these services do have their place, but I do become nervous at the thought of my siblings and their children, and how easy it is to fall under this type of situation.

How would such a situation be best handled? What safeguards are in place to help avoid separating a family prematurely?

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Again, thank you for your time and responses. It is interesting to see what tends to happen on the other side. Have a great day!