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You're correct (: Deaf refers to someone who identifies as culturally Deaf (uses ASL, involved in the community, etc) whereas deaf refers to the medical perspective of deafness.

Source: am an ASL interpreter.

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This might be a weird question but do you ever worry about accidentally dating a half sibling without realizing? I know that some people opt to keep their info private and I've seen some interesting Reddit threads on that very topic, so I always wonder.

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Not OP but I have a friend who's flying there this weekend just as a connection flight and was considering changing his ticket (he didn't end up doing so). People are still traveling to and from HK just fine. I think for now it's still an "at your own risk" kind of thing, as long as you feel comfortable - me, personally? Nope. Political unrest scares me.

Unrelated but, I also got married and honeymooned in October! Congrats!

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Fellow PCOS victim here - my hair is super thin and not very full on top either, but the toppik hair fiber has saved my life. I bought it for my wedding and have been using it every single day since, and I bought a teasing comb and tease the back and sides of my hair to give it the illusion of fullness. Obviously everyone's case is different, but my mum barely has hair on her head and she uses the fibers too. It helps significantly, could be worth a try for you as well.

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I've used all of those cheaper alternatives. Nothing has beat Toppik, so for me it's well worth the price. I look completelyyyy normal with it. I only wish I'd discovered it earlier, but better late than never. My hairstylist told me about it when I went for my wedding trial, and I was so shocked when it covered that glaring white portion of my scalp!

It's absolutely dehumanizing. As a 26 year old, I see all these other women my age with thick luscious locks and I wanna cry while I stand in front of a mirror pouring powder on my head and waxing my face and neck every other week -.-

On the bright side, scientists are close to finding a cure ! I think they fixed it in rats or something and are trying to figure it out for humans - not sure. Fingers crossed it happens in our lifetime.