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Hello, good morning! We were taught in wilderness first responder/wilderness emt training that the proper first-aid treatment for a wet bit from a pit viper (rattlesnake, copperhead, water moccasins etc...), as well as elapids (coral snakes), is to dress the wound, immobilize the affected limb and seek medical treatment, the only difference for elapids being to apply a moderately constructive dressing (ace wrap) over the wound site... How well does this treatment approach align with your experience with wet bites? I am in north America and have only received training on potential hazards in the US. Thank you!

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Thank you for the detailed response!

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fun fact. once you get them covered in blood theyre damn near impossible to get clean so you just threw away a $60 pair of badass shears

source: emt

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as a woman, do you have a personal preference cut/uncut?

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precisely, unfortunately