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Hi, our 15yo family dog passed away a few days ago. We are all in pain, but I think we're at peace with what happened (we put her to sleep because she was suffering a lot and there was not medical option that would help her at that point).

But my dad feels really guilty cause he feels like he betrayed her and killed her. They were very close. He is having a really hard time, it's the first time in my life I've seen him cry and I know he is not crying as much as he would want cause he is afraid of scaring us. I'm worried about his health, he always tries to act tough and act extremely positive in every situation, which makes him suppress a lot of stuff, and he always ignores any negative stuff and rationalized it somehow into a good thing.

I guess this time it was too much for him he couldn't even do that. My question is... What kind of psychologist would be a good option for him?

He said he did wanted to get some help and we're worried of he doesn't he might get sick in the future

I've never been to a psychologist and don't know much about the differences between the different kind.

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Woow, first of all..that's amazing :) .. how much has your definition of "normal" has changed since your started? And how?