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I remember that storm! My bedroom window faced the WTC and I remember looking up at it and thinking "wow this is an intense storm" because the clouds were so thick I couldn't see the red antenna light on top of WTC 1.

And of course, the next morning it was beautiful and crystal clear.

Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm so glad you were safe.

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Based on their post history this person is about 14 years old. Between this age-appropriate "look at me!" BS post and their posts defending Trump, they have some maturing to do.

I'm just happy most of the garbage shit I said at 14 wasn't preserved on the internet.

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I actually think people should be giving him a break because of his age so I mentioned it. This sort of over-enthusiastic self promotion is something most/many of us did as teenagers and grow out of

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You didn't come here to learn anything new or ask any actual questions, did you? Instead of pushing your own opinions, why don't you use this as an actual opportunity to learn how the "other side" is experiencing this conflict. You don't have to agree in the end, but it's a pretty interesting opportunity to have.

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From the outside, it seems like Hamas and other political groups often work to exploit the hatred that comes from the violence Palestinians experience, especially since a conflict-ridden Israel/Palestine cements their position of power. Wouldn't having a political party that isn't explicitly connected to a religious militia with terrorist ties be preferable?

It's helpful to look towards ETA and political party Batasuna in Spain to see what happens when a culture/ethnic group with a legitimate claim to land and self-determination turns to violence. It eliminates all sympathy that would normally be due to their cause and only prolongs the fight.