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What about advertising?

This has been a test of the Cascadia Early Warning System, brought to you by Duracell. Trusted Everywhere.

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Does Quebec operate under a Civil Law system? I know in Common Law, you can't use a mental illness diagnosis as a defense but actually have to make a plea of Insanity.

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When telling a story like this, how much to you assume the public understands about how the law works?

What would you do differently if you knew that lots of people had read this webcomic about the law?

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There have been speeches made and energy put into community initiatives (see the work that Tito Jackson of Boston has been doing over the years) but they don't make the news

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Hi Rick, I'm currently working on DevOps for an open source software project for DARPA to collect, analyze, and present data related to human trafficking. I'm not doing much data science personally, but I know. We saw a sharp increase in activity around North Dakota's oil boom.

What sort of tools do you currently use, what frustrations do you have with it, and what would be helpful for you in doing research and communicating it to the public?