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Hi there, I have a couple of questions please. A friend of mine committed suicide and no-one would have suspected a thing leading up to it. We knew she had troubles but no-one expected her to do what she did. My question is, are there any reliable signs we can look for from the outside? If we recognise those signs how can we help and what if that help doesn't work? Can someone be "terminally suicidal?" Thanks.

Edit: Thank you for all the kind replies and advice. Its really a lovely side to social media for once.

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I work for pharma manufacturing. Do you have any insight on reglatory compliance from a pharmacy point of view? We're exact opposites ends of the supply chain. My interpretation was that no deal means the recognition between the EU and is potentially dissolved and therefore we lose the official Quality assurance aspect. Taking a lot of work to rejig the supply agreements etc.

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Thanks for your reply. 🙂

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Yes I was asking that. Many factors in vivo influence foetus development. Exposure to hormones and medications for example. I'm asking if in vitro, has an effect. Its not strange at all and if the expert says oh we do x and y that's different to conception in vivo and so far no correlation has been seen. Great

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What are the long term health consequences of having been conceived via artificial methods? Are the children of ivf any less healthy because of their parents infertility? Or more healthy even?