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I'm an engineering technician with the Federal Aviation Administration. My workload has been reduced to responding to outages only. All of my projects to repair, upgrade, and install new equipment have been put on hold. What does that mean for the flying public? My job is to make the act of flying safer. With each piece of antiquated equipment replaced, pilots are able to navigate with more precision, communicate with air traffic control with less interference and interruption, and land at airports with increasingly better visual aids. Now I'm only allowed to repair these systems. Repair parts come from a depot. That depot was understaffed before the shutdown. Parts take longer to arrive. Overtime isn't cutting it, especially when we don't know when we're going to actually collect it. I can't stay overnight because my travel card is shutdown, so I have to drive to different airports from my office. Some are 2+ hours away. Some work can only be done at night. I could go on all night about how frustrating this is.

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Because I have people to see and places to go as well. Source; I am a fat guy.

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Love your War Pigs!