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Why does your organization choose to associate with such blatantly antisemitic groups like the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and Dream Catchers, as well as include in your platform false antisemitic claims that Israel is a genocidal or apartheid state and associating with the BDS movement which your own organization has admitted is intended to destroy Israel?

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Do you prefer mad scientist or unethical genius?

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It’s a tiny minority of extremists within the Hasidic community. The overwhelming majority of Jews are obeying quarantine. Just like you have some crazies who say vaccines cause autism or that Covid isn’t real in every community, these are our crazies

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Here’s something I’ve always wondered, are the rifles you guys carry loaded? I’ve always thought their just ceremonial and unloaded because there are a lot of civilians about, but I could be wrong

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But are the bayonets sharpened?